Order the Book

The author has a number of unsold Cherry Single books in storage and would like them move them out into the world.

So, Cherry Single is available free of charge within the United States (only) for only the cost of postage and a mailing envelope. In other words, there’s no profit involved at this end. The book is a paperback, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, with 176 pages. The cost for mailing one book is $.58 for the mailer and $2.41 for postage (the least expensive postage, using Media Mail) for a total of $2.99. If you’d like two or three copies (three’s the limit) the cost would be $.58 for the mailer and $2.82 for the postage for a total of $3.40.

The payment can be made via Paypal:

Cherry Single

Mailings are done approximately once per week, so allow two to three weeks for delivery.